Solar Power Moving Forward

So, after many obstacles my Nickle Iron (Ni-Fe) battery is finally in my shop. This was the third major part of my system to be on-hand for the installation of my solar array, and energy independence.

There is a whole bigger story behind this event, and several other major projects that are still in work but I’m so excited to finally get my battery that I had to make this post.

I’ll make other posts detailing the major projects up to this point, but suffice to say the arrival, or should I say transportation, of my battery is paramount to this project. I’m also posting pictures of the Outback Inverter/charge controller system I purchased, the array frames I designed and built, and the solar panels I’ll use to power the system.

I have to say this disclaimer so no one gets themselves in a bad situation, hurts themselves, or wastes a lot of money:

I don’t have a degree, although I have lots of college, just never finished. What I do have is over 34 years experience working in the electronics, communications, welding, and other fields. So do your own research and verify everything before you try any of what I am doing. Enough said.

Nickle Iron battery
1000Ah Nickle Iron cell

This is one of 40 “cells”. Each cell is 1.2Vdc. Used in a series they make 48Vdc @ 1000Ah. They came all the way from the Ukraine and are made by a company called ADS. I had my cells “bolted” together for future refurbishing, like the original Edison battery, unlike other manufactures who tack weld the plates which can’t be taken apart, cleaned and put back in service.

They came in three crates. I had them shipped without the electrolyte to save weight. I’ll mix and add the electrolyte soon.

Crate 1 of 3
Crate 2 of 3
Crate 3 of 3

Here is the Outback inverter/charge controller: It’s a 14.4k watt 48Vdc system. Model FP4 VFXR3648A-01 FLEXpower Four.

Outback inverter/charge controller

Next is a picture of the solar panels laid out for one of eight modules. They are 305 watt panels.

array module
Array module layout

Here is a pic of one of the array module frames.

Array frame one of eight

So, there is much work to be done. I still need to do so many things to get this system up and on-line. I’ll make another post soon going over each project so you can see how much of a journey it really has been, and will continue to be as I build my system.





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