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  • Finished First Row

    Finished First Row

    4 modules completed and on line. Power output is 7200 watts. It’ll probably be a few months before starting the next row. First I have to recover from surgery for a dissected aorta. Not a lotta fun, and hate being on ‘light duty’. Many thanks to neighbor Johnny and the wife for loading the panels…

  • Re-orienting and Starting Over

    hello world, the old Burnt Kettle website is gone and Wild Ozark Woodworking is here. There’s nothing new to see yet, but I’ll be working on that eventually. Check back later! I’m still working on the solar project, but had to shelve it for a while to let the ground settle where I did some…

  • Going Solar

    One of my main goals is to be able to operate my shop – wood saws and welding machine – whether or not we have electricity. So I’m installing a large solar array to handle the heavy load of all this equipment. Here’s just a few of the panels already on hand. I’m working on…

  • Hello world!

    Hi there! I’m Rob, the woodworker and Mr. of Wild Ozark. Welcome to the NEW Burnt Kettle. I’ve pivoted and changed my focus from syrup to art… the art of working wood. Follow along as I set up the shop and start cutting wood.